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China packaging federation and Steel drum association introduction(协会简介)

China packaging federation and Steel drum association is the branch office of China packaging federation, the vice chairman organization of Asia pacific steel drum association, as a national steel drum industry association, we have been adhering to the higher authorities of 'three services' purposes since its inception , that is to serve the government, to serve the industry, to serve the member enterprises. With a positive, pragmatic, serious working attitude to practice the purpose of service, at the same time advocate industry self-discipline, independent research and development, regulate the development of industry with imperceptibly. The steel drum association’s vision is to be able to under the correct guide and lead by China packaging federation, associations and members can mutually beneficial and mutual encouragement, work together and common development, from the drum produce big country convert to drum produce power country as soon as possible.  .

At present, the steel drum association’s secretariat is set up in Beijing, the organization of the association is compose of five parts: the secretariat, the director unit, the deputy director unit, the standing committee unit and the committee member unit; In addition, there are technical experts group, technical training base, member development team and magazine editorial department.

一、Responsibilities of steel drum association(协会的职责)

1、Implement the national principles and policies, research the development direction of industry.

2、Participate in the formulation and revision of the relevant industry standard and national standard in drum making field, publicity and implement to the whole industry.

3、Improve  the relevant products quality on steel drum field and promote the development of industry on technology, technical transformation, and technology introduction, promote and application of new materials, new technology process, new technique, improve the ability of independent innovation, participate in the industry scientific and technological achievement and new product identification work, organize technical training to improve employees disposition in the industry.

4、Organize domestic and international technical exchange activities,provide the necessary assistance and services for attract investment from overseas.

5、Coordinate common problems in the industry, reflect the requirements of members to the higher authorities, maintain the legitimate rights and interests of members.

6、Actively promote the legal, joint, merger, reorganization and encourage large enterprise to participate in international competition.

7、Run the industry’s magazine and website, provide various types of advisory services for members.

二、Notice of membership, members rights and obligations  (会员权利和义务)

Members development: Members are valuable resources and wealth of steel drums association, also the vitality of association, with the development of the industry, enhanced of industry and enterprise consciousness, the total number of members also increased year by year, under the good environment set up by the steel drum association, hope that the various members of the enterprise could be together, mutual exchange, information exchange and welcome more enterprise to join the organization of steel drum association.

The process of membership: Members who wish to join will need to fill in the application form, payment, after preliminary approval steel drum association reported to China packaging federation and to make the final approval, issuing certificates and table cards after approval, become a full member.

Members rights:

1.Have the right to participate in the activities of domestic and overseas that organized by steel drum association and China packaging federation.

2.Have the priority and preferential right to enjoy the various services provided by steel drum association and China packaging federation.

3.Have the right to make recommendations, criticize and supervise to steel drum association and China packaging federation.

4.Have the right to vote, to elect and to be elected.

Members obligations:

1.Comply with laws, regulations and the rules formulated by Chinese packaging federation and steel drum association. Carry out the resolution of Chinese packaging federation and steel drum association.

2.Safeguard the legitimate right and interest of the Chinese packaging federation and steel drum association.

3.Undertake the entrusted work by the china packaging federation, Actively participate in the activities organized by steel Drum association and the china packaging federation.

4.Pay membership fee by rules and on schedule.


三、Service Content(工作内容)

(一)、Regular work of business sector of steel drum association

1.Membership fee charge

2.Members Development and Management

3. magazine and advertisement recruit

4.Annual statistical work, Statistics the annual output of steel drum industry

5.Visit the enterprise(important channel to get the latest materials for industry development)

6.Long-term tracking new technology, new technology, new equipment, new materials and other related issues of steel drum industry, comprehensive popularize after assessment.

四、“information” window of steel drum association(协会信息窗口)

1.Steel drum magazine and steel drum packaging website.

  Steel drum magazine(picture sample)

2.Steel drum association mailbox  www.chinadrum.com

3.Steel drum association public account number and wechat group

 Steel drum association wechat group: aishangtong

 Steel drum packaging public account number


五、Member congresses and other activity(协会活动)

1.The steel drums association organize different activities according to their annual plans, organize “Standardization publicize meeting of steel drums”, “Steel drum technical training course” etc. convene one time members congress, one time committee congress, one or tow times standing committee congress, one or two times professional technical training courses in each year, convene SOSD international conference every three years and organize to visit factories and study abroad;  provide product publicize and product recommend and introduce for member enterprises on time.

2.Members congress is one of the largest annual events held every year,  steel drum colleagues from various provinces and cities of the steel will attend the congress every year, provide an effective platform of publicity for industry colleagues, and also the best time to show new products and new technology, members will be able to communicate with each other, mutual discussion and information sharing, lay a cornerstone of mutual communication for whole industry development.

六、Innovative service content

1.Technical training course

 “Technical training course” is a new innovation content by steel drum association, constantly practice the spirit of “People - oriented” in the work, listen to the views of enterprises and combined with the current industry and market demand, Each training subject is different, coordinate with the current environment and market, to solve the problems that actual in product operation in the training process, make explanation for application on new technique, new technology process, new equipment, new materials, and overall quality management, new enterprises can also apply for independent application to do independent training courses. Through the training course to improve the overall disposition of  industry, its has the practical significance to the enterprise.

2.Steel drum technical expert group

 The technical expert group is the technical core of the association, experts and senior technical staffs from expert group are all devoted to the drum industry more than ten years. They are proficient in technical knowledge, any problems appeared in the production, the expert group can be better, faster and more easily to resolved, to ensure that the industry barrier-free production, increased production quantity, and can guide enterprises to transformation and development on energy conservation and environmental protection. Participate in the formulation and revision the national standard and industry standard. Enterprises has technical difficulties can apply for experts for technical and quality management services.

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