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About China packaging federation and Steel drum association introduction(协会简介)China packaging federation and Steel drum association is the branch office of China packaging federation, the vice chairman organization of Asia pacific steel drum association, as a national steel drum industry association, we have been adhering to the higher authorities of 'three services' purposes since its inception , that is to serve the government, to serve the industry, to serve the member enterprises. With a positive, pragmatic, serious working attitude to practice the purpose of service, at the same time advocate industry self-discipline, independent research and development, regulate the development of industry with imperceptibly. The steel drum association’s vision is to be able to under the correct guide and lead by China packaging federation, associations and members can mutually beneficial and mutual encouragement, work together and common development, from the drum produce big country convert to drum produce power country as soon as possible.  .At present, the steel drum association’s secretariat is set up in Beijing, the organization of the association is compose of five parts: ...
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